15 Plants for Your Magickal Garden

Magickal Garden

It’s spring! Time to start planting your Magickal garden. Here are 15 plants that you might want to consider adding.

Chives – can grow in limited light and space, very easily propagate (regrow).

Mint – very hardy, requires shade and some light, start from seeds. Best to grow in container as it will dominate your garden over time.

Cilantro – fast growing, can be planted indoors, does not transplant well.

Basil – can grow in small spaces, requires sun, start from seeds.

Parsley – easy to grow, low maintenance and limited light, though hard to germinate.

Oregano (wild marjoram) – very hardy, requires full sun.

Sage – large, hardy, start from cuttings, requires full sun.

Thyme – requires full sun, hardy, easy to propagate from seeds or cuttings.

Aloe Vera – low maintenance, slow growing, little water, full sun, Note: easy to overwater.

Chamomile – low maintenance, little water, full sun with some shade, Note: easy to overwater.

Dill – start as seeds, small, easy to grow indoors, requires full sun. Note: difficult to overwater.

Rosemary – though very large, easy to grow indoors. Note: easy to overwater.

Bay laurel – requires well-draining soil, full sun, water often, grows large, slow growing.

Lavender – hard to grow indoors, requires little water, best in dry conditions, start from seeds.

Roses – requires full sun, seasonal, grows only outside, requires fertilizer, best grown from transplants.

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