Spring Creation Spell

Spring creation spell

It is time to honor the spring goddesses of creation and re-birth. Just as Imbolc signals the return of light, the Spring Equinox signals the awakening of the Earth. Trees are blooming, bulbs are pushing up out of the ground, birds are nesting, and animals are mating. The creative energy is at its strongest during this season. If you haven’t decided what you wish to manifest this year, do so now.

The egg is a powerful symbol representing the universe in embryo. Your goal lives within you in the same way that creation lives within the egg. The egg has everything it needs to manifest life, just as you have everything you need to manifest your goals. 

Boiled hard-boiled egg
Wax crayon
Red food dye, preferable natural beet juice or boiled cranberries

To empower your goal: While intently focusing on your goals, write it on a hard-boiled egg with a wax crayon. 

Draw two interlocking triangles to form a six-pointed star (✡) on your egg. This star symbolizes one of the most important keys in magic: as above, so below – what you can create in your imagination, you can manifest on the physical plane.  

Dye your egg a deep red to symbolize the goddess and life itself. Using your egg as a focus, in the days ahead, work both in your mind’s eye and in the physical world to achieve your desire.

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